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Emotional Health Minute: Be aware of how the news media is impacting you.

There has been a spike in stressful news being covered by the media.  Whether it’s ISIS, Ebola or Enterovirus-D68, there are worrisome issues at hand in ourEmotional Health Minute world and own country.  This would be enough to be concerning for anyone but if you have a tendency for generalized anxiety about “bad things happening,” you might find yourself particularly anxious.

What you can do:

  • Take in the good.  Commit to a daily practice of noticing what’s right, beautiful, inspiring and positive going on in the world and around you.
  • Avoid obsessive media consumption.  If it’s important for you to stay aware of the goings on, pick one time in the day to check in with the news, preferable not before bedtime.
  • Do what feels good.  Do one thing a day that feels good or is relaxing.  Take a bath, a walk, a run, cook, spend time with a pet, your child or whatever resonates with you.
  • Be present.  Spend a few minutes a day sitting in a quiet place with closed eyes and noticing your breath fill and empty your lungs.  For the most satisfying breath, try to bring it all the way into your belly.  Notice your thoughts float by like clouds.  Let them pass with no judgment.

Life can be hard sometimes.  It can be painful, disturbing and hard to believe.  No one is immune to fear and worry at times.  Will we be ok?  Will those who we love be ok?  And these times are pushing some boundaries for many.  But excessive fear and anxiety can be a disservice to us.

If you make an effort to practice the above without much relief in your worry, considering getting additional support.