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Emotional Health Minute: Don’t sabotage your growth.

If you are like most people, you’d prefer happiness over unhappiness.  Being human comes with challenges, failures, adversity as well as joy, peace and life Emotional Health Minute: Don't Sabotage Your Growthsatisfaction. Consider yourself a work in progress when it comes to your emotional health.

So if your intentions are good but something still isn’t working, consider the possibility you might be sabotaging your own growth.  Consider a few ways you might be doing that:

  • You aren’t living authentically. There is a lack of alignment between how you feel about yourself and how you present to the world.
  • You have unresolved baggage.  Old wounds have a way of serving as blockades to your sense of self and relationships.
  • You put too much pressure on yourself to change as quickly as possible.  You want things to be different NOW and get down on yourself easily rather than accepting that there is an ebb and flow to growth.

What you can do:

Take an honest look at yourself and ways you might inadvertently be bringing yourself down.  This also means considering that there is a reason you are sabotaging yourself.  This can get a little sticky and tricky to figure out and if you struggle to get traction, consider getting assistance.

I help people learn about what blocks their growth and how to get themselves


Skype sessions also available in some cases (CA residents).