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Relationship Minute: Identify your wounds

Your relationship vulnerabilities have a tendency to be a reflection of prior experiences that were wired into your brain as either strengths or vulnerabilities.  These wounds can be healed and your brain rewired (great news) but the first step is to be clear about what your issues are.  Ideally, they have an idea of the wounds they carry too.

A loving and sensitive relationship makes space for compassion around each other’s vulnerabilities.  It also makes space for working together to heal each other’s wounds with awareness and sensitivity.

Ways emotional wounds show up in relationships:

  • Tendency to attract and be attracted to partners who are emotionally unavailable.
  • Fear of getting too close in relationships.
  • Tendency to be easily disappointed by your partner or have expectations that are too high.
  • Fear of abandonment or unrealistic ideas of how much time should be spent together (relationship balance)

If you are in a relationship where one of the above comes up or struggle to find/maintain healthy relationships, I can help you understand what you might be bringing to the table from your family of origin how to be more emotionally available.