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Emotional Health Minute: Self-Care is Easier Than You Think

Don’t let lack of time be an excuse for self-care. Stopping to observe your breath for 15 seconds counts and be a powerful way to take care of yourself in the moment.  Doing this can be an automatic emotional reset during a

stressful day, when you pull you focus away from the future (worry, anxiety) and out of the past (sadness, lamenting).  Being mindful of the present moment, even for a a few seconds can be an excellent act of self-care.

This is what you do:  Stop what you’re doing, close your eyes and breathe.  Notice the air filling your lungs then being expelled.  Notice how your body feels in this moment (tense chest, stiff neck).  Notice what you are feeling in this moment (stress, calm).  It’s not about judging what it is you find but about connecting with it.  Accept that  it “is” then move on about your day.

Bringing yourself to present if done consistently, can rewire your brain over time for less emotional reactivity and learned resilience.  If you need additional therapy support, seek it.