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Relationship Minute: Do people move towards or away from you?

Contemplate for a moment the following Relationship Minute:”

In your interactions with others, do people feel safe coming towards you – or do they move away or stay a safe distance?

It’s important for all of us to periodically hold a mirror up to ourselves to do a little personal inventory around how we are moving through life.  If you frequently struggle in your relationships, ask yourself the following question, “Does my behavior tend to bring people in or push them away?”  This is an important quick self-assessment tool.  If people tend to feel invited in by you, you clearly are making them feel it is safe to do so.  If people tend to stand back or even go away, you might consider why this is.

People need and want to be connected with others.  But there are many things that can block this, particularly in our earlier relationship experiences.  If you have historically felt you can rely on others, you are more likely a person who puts out a positive, warm energy.  If you have felt disappointed or let down by the important people in your life, you may not necessarily trust people or what they have to offer.

There are other reasons leading to blocked relationships.  Seek help if you need a hand understanding how and why you behave in the way you do – most importantly, how to change.