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Emotional Health Minute: A spontaneous act of kindness can boost your happiness.

Doing a good deed, especially in the moment and out of the blue, can boost your happiness.

When you’re feeling down, you’re likely more in your head than out of it.  You may not even be particularly tuned in to others and the world around you at all.  You’re simply bummed out and likely ruminating about all of the perceived reasons you believe this.  We all can get stuck in these moments.

Research has shown that being kind and compassionate is linked to greater happiness.  It increases the sense of connection to others, another strong facet of happiness.  It can also boost your self image and sense of usefulness.  The best news is:  It’s never to late to start implementing these behaviors to see benefit in the way you feel.

This is what you can do:  If you’re out and about, hold the door open for another person.  Say hello and smile to someone in line.  If you see someone struggling with something, offer a hand.  Call a friend who is struggling emotionally to check in and offer support.

As with creating any new habit, it takes time.  The first step is to put it on your radar in the first place then make a practice of it.

If you struggle with your happiness and think you can benefit from a deeper exploration of the reasons behind this and more tools for change, consider seeing a therapist to help you through.