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Relationship Minute: Get connected to other happy people.

Are you and your partner spending time with positive, upbeat people?  Research has shown that emotions are contagious!

Those you choose to surround yourself with have more impact on your relationship than you might think.  Do an inventory of all of your friends, couples you spend time with and other people you come into contact with.  Are you increasing the chances of happiness in your relationship with these folks or could your relationship suffer with excessive exposure to negativity?  Realistically, we all have tough times and it’s important to be there for others who are struggling…but what I’m talking about here are the pervasive downers.  The more you connect with other happy people, the better.  Your relationship could suffer if you are over-exposed to the toxic.

In my couples therapy practice, I help people look at ways to improve their connection, their relationship foundation and nurture the love that is so often inherently there (but possibly forgotten).