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Emotional Health Minute: Tune into yourself by noticing how your feel in your body and mind right now.

If you often are unsure of how you feel because you are simply overwhelmed or disconnected from your feelings?  The very first step to help get you towards the moment (mindfulness) and help you learn to tune into your feelings is to notice how you feel right now.  As simple as this sounds, many have no idea how they feel from moment to moment.

Learning the skill of self-attunement is not only a good way to more deeply know yourself but practice self-care.  It’s never too late to start.

This is what you can do: Close your eyes and breathe deeply.  Check in with your body as to how it feels.  Is it tense?  Restricted?  Free?  Relaxed?  Simply notice that and them move onto checking in on how you’re feeling.  What is your mood?  Is there sadness, anger, happiness?  Many of us are running around with a complete lack of awareness of wher we’re at emotionally or physically.  If you practice this skill, it will not only get you more in touch with yourself but allow for an increased ability to “drop into the now” in times of distress.

If you could use some additional therapy support, seek it.  My office is in downtown Larkspur, Marin County.